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Field of Study
  Studies cover the field of mechanical engineering in terms of study, design, development, construction and operation of machines, appliances and production installations and systems, as well as management of materials and energy sources, on the basis of economy, respect for the environment and social tolerance.

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Career Opportunities
  Graduates have acquired all the necessary scientific and technological knowledge and practical skills in order to be able to seek employment in their field, either as freelancers or as executives in related companies, organisations and services. In particular, Mechanical Engineers:
  • Apply up-to-date scientific and technological methodologies in the elaboration of engineering studies (heating, cooling, air-conditioning, plumbing, fire and sound protection, gas installations, elevators, etc) for the building installation and supervise their implementation.
  • Design, develop and supervise the operation of engineering installations and manufacturing systems.
  • Study and apply safety regulations in engineering installations.
  • Apply contemporary management methods in business and organisation administration.
  • Apply up-to-date scientific and technological methodologies, and management practices in machines and appliances production, as well as certification of their quality and suitability.
  • Undertake the social, environmental and legal obligations of production, manufacturing and processing companies as well as energy generating companies, on local, regional, national and world level.
  • Apply up-to-date scientific and laboratory techniques in laboratories for end-product testing, process control and standardisation certification of safety operation, environmental protection and quality assurance.
  • Organise, supervise, analyse and evaluate laboratory measurements and experiments in their field.
  • Organise production using up-to-date monitoring, organisation, control and manufacturing methods such as CAM, CAD, CIM, etc.
  • Develop and apply in practice up-to-date processing and modification methods, such as CNC, FMS and Robotics.
  • Study and supervise the implementation of environmental protection measures regarding pollution created by urban waste, energy systems, engineering plants, and transportation.


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