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Tuition, research, studies and other services provided by Higher Education institutions are subject to continuous evaluation to the end of assuring and improving them in the framework of their mission.

The evaluation consists in the systematic, documented and detailed assessment, marking and recording of the work of Higher Education institutions, with the use of objective criteria, and the critical analysis and establishment of failing and divergences in connection with their academic profile, objectives and mission.

On the basis of the evaluation results the academic institutions and the state adopt the necessary measures in order to assure and improve the quality of the work performed. Subject to evaluation are the academic units (Faculty or Department) and through them the entire institution. The evaluation is carried out in two stages: the first one involves self-evaluation procedures and the second one external evaluation by a committee of independent experts. The internal and external evaluation procedure is repeated every fourth year at the latest.

The Quality Assurance Unit was established at T.E.I. of Thessaly under a General Assembly decision in 2007 in order to coordinate and support the institution evaluation procedures.

Mission of QAU is to:

  • Coordinate and support quality assurance and evaluation procedures at all levels in the institution
  • Draw up the Internal Report on the evaluation of the institution every two years, based on the annual internal reports form the schools and academic departments,
  • Draw up the Internal Report on the evaluation of the institution every four years.
  • Promote the External evaluation procedures for every academic department every fourth year. 
QAU is made up of three members of the Educational Staff, one joint representative of the remaining scientific and administrative staff, one representative of the undergraduate students and one representative of the postgraduate students, appointed by the relevant bodies. It is presided over by the Vice President of Academic Affairs of the institution.

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